There are a lot of alternatives ways to buy Bitcoin, accessible in almost every country of the world, Gift cards, ATM,  Traders, Brokers, Exchanges: Our definitive guide clarifies, how to buy Bitcoin anyplace on the planet.

Possibly you found out about this insane digital currency Bitcoin. The final fate of money, the revolution of payments, the digital gold, slayer of capital controls, blessed chalice of Fintech. Presently you perhaps need to know more. The most ideal approach to learn is simply to try it. Buy a Bitcoin, pay with it, store it in your advanced wallet, watch the value rise or go down. In any case, where would you be able to get it? Also, how?

For some individuals, the primary obtaining of a Bitcoin is a frightening process. It appears to be so complicated. In any case, it isn’t. There is a considerable measure of choices to effectively, quick and serenely buy your first Bitcoin.

Which way the best for your country and your choices?

On the off chance that you are in a rush, you can simply tap on the connection in the table to discover your choices on the best way to buy Bitcoin.

To find the ideal strategy to buy your first Bitcoin anyway you should first consider a few factors:

What amount of private data would you like to share?

How would you like to pay?

Where do you live?

The most effective method to Buy Bitcoin Anywhere in The World (Ultimate guide)

This guide begins by clarifying what alternatives you need to share private data (or not uncover it) and what payment channels you can use. After this, the guide introduces the regular strategies to buy Bitcoin and gives a diagram of a few platforms in a few countries.

Step by step instructions to Buy Bitcoin Anywhere in The World

Private Information

Bitcoin is a money related apparatus and in this manner subject to financial direction in many wards. About wherever Anti-Money-Laundering-Rules (AML) are connected to platforms that pitch Bitcoins or empower clients to buy and sell Bitcoins. A large portion of these platforms needs to embrace Know Your Customer rules (KYC) to check the identity of its clients.

Since Bitcoin exchanges are spared openly obvious on the blockchain and can be followed back, the level of private data you reveal with purchasing Bitcoins can have genuine ramifications on your protection.

There are a few levels of KYC with an expanding amount of private data you need to share. The accompanying rundown begins with the most minimal review:

No KYC: No KYC implies that the platform or the vendor of Bitcoins does not know your identity. You don’t need to demonstrate a personality archive, and you pay with private methods for payments like money, Moneygram, Paysafecard or Western-Union. Purchasing Bitcoin without KYC is conceivable in a few wards – for instance with P2P-commercial centers like LocalBitcoins, ATMs or Gift Cards – yet is generally more costly than different alternatives.

KYC Light: This level of KYC recognizes you by your payment channel and additionally your telephone numbers. On the off chance that you pay with your financial balance, PayPal, credit card or other basic methods for payment, the installment suppliers know your personality. On most platforms, be it coordinate trades, trade platforms or commercial centers, you can buy a limited amount of Bitcoins with KYC Light.

Full KYC: over checking your identity with your telephone number and your financial balance, Full KYC implies that you give records that share your identity. This can be an international ID, an ID card, a driver’s permit, a service charge or a mix of the greater part of this. A few platforms request that you give an endorsement of your character reports by a public accountant or a confided in an outsider like your bank; some are fulfilled in the event that you present a photograph indicating you holding your ID card or partake during the time spent video ID. On the off chance that you need to buy a larger amount of cash or exchange on trades, there’s typically no chance to get around Full KYC.


Bitcoin is money, yet to buy Bitcoins, you have to send cash to another person. The further developed the budgetary arrangement of your country is, The better the financial system you live in, the less demanding it is to trade your cash in Bitcoins.

The development of old fiat-cash is the greatest hindrance in the stream of Bitcoin exchanging. On the off chance that you utilize a moderate and costly payment channel, your obtaining of your Bitcoin is moderate and costly. On the off chance that you use a quick channel, you can buy Bitcoins smoothly.

Here is a list of different methods for the payments to buy Bitcoin:

Bank transfer: Everybody may know the great old Bank exchange. Generally, with internet managing an account you send cash to a trader of Bitcoins and get the Bitcoins when the payments are finished. In many countries, this needs 1-3 days. Coordinate charging is normally not supported normally. Most trade platforms just support bank exchanges.

Mastercard: Credit cards are popular amongst the most widely recognized methods for payment. Be that as it may, just a couple of direct business sellers support credit cards. The reason is that Bitcoin exchanges can’t be fixed, while Visa exchanges can be turned around. This has brought about misfortunes for merchants which approved credit cards. Additionally, sellers chance that individuals buy Bitcoin with stolen credit cards. Use Bitcoins to benefit from stolen credit card numbers and apply calculations to lessen the hazard.

PayPal: A couple of platforms support PayPal, yet most reject it for same issues from Visas: PayPal exchanges can be easily undone, and when this is done after the buyer changed the obtained Bitcoin to another wallet, the seller may lose. This is the reason eBay is a terrible place to exchange Bitcoins. However, as with charge cards, a few platforms support PayPal.

Other Payment Channels (Sofort, iDeal, Skrill… ): The world is rich with payments methods. In the EU alone you have many them. Numerous immediate trades support a rich gathering of them. On the off chance that you utilize a typical supplier, in Germany Sofort, in the Netherlands iDeal et cetera, you have a decent possibility that your residential direct trade acknowledges it.

Private Payment Channels (Paysafecard, Cash, Western Union, etc.): Most marketplaces platforms don‘t accept these means of payments. You find very few exchanges platforms and most probably no direct exchange where these payments are allowed. But often you‘ll find a seller on p2p platforms you can pay with cash or other private means of payments. A good chance might also be an ATM around you where you can buy Bitcoins with cash.


Different Ways To Buy Bitcoin

Now we‘re coming closer to buy your Bitcoin. In this part of our guide, we present you several common examples that enable you to change fiat-money to digital cash – in Bitcoin. Each model has its own advantages and disadvantages.


  • ATM: Maybe the easiest and most private way to buy Bitcoins is a Bitcoin ATM. these machines where you can get cash with your card. Some companies like Lamassu produce ATM-machines for Bitcoins, where you can buy Bitcoin with cash. If the operators of these machines wish, they can apply some KYC-rules, from mobile phone verification to biometric methods. On you find a planet map with these machines. Another kind of ATM is to just use an existing network of ATMs, like that from banks or train stations, to sell Bitcoins. This has been done for example in Swiss, in Ukraine or in Spain. ATMs most fees are 3-6 percent or even more.
  • Gift Cards/Voucher: This is another easy method to buy Bitcoins. You go to some other shop, buy a gift card or a voucher, visit a website, where you can use the code on the card to get your Bitcoin. This method is in use for example in Austria, Mexico, and South Korea. Like ATMs, gift cards mostly charge high fees.
  • Direct exchanges/brokers: These sellers are like the exchange companies you might know from advertisements. They buy Bitcoins on an exchange and sell it to buyers. You visit a website, choose your way of payment, pay and get Bitcoins for prices set by the website. For most of these platforms, you need your wallet, for example, Coinbase and Circle, give you the option to save and spend the Bitcoins with a wallet they provide. Since you can use a lot of payment channels, even credit cards, and PayPal, such platforms is fast and easy way for beginners to buy their first Bitcoin. The fees for direct commercial exchanges range between 1 and 5 percent. Some of them earn money by using the spread between buying and sell. Most demand extra fees for some means of payment like credit cards.
  • P2P-Markets: On P2P-markets buyers & dealers of Bitcoin meet and trade with each other. The fees are low with 0 to 1 percent; the spread relies upon the liquidity of the market and the payment channel. Other than with guide you can’t just take however make an offer: You set a cost and hold up until the point that somebody sell you a Bitcoin. This empowers you to buy a lot of Bitcoin at low costs. The most popular P2P-website is LocalBitcoins. This overall platforms support a lot of cryptocurrencies and give buyers and sellers a chance to choose which methods for payments they utilize. Usually used to encourage anonymous trades, once in a while at high fees., the biggest P2P-market in the Eurozone offers a decent liquidity and is a pleasant choice to effectively change Euro to Bitcoin. The third popular P2P market is bitsquare, a totally decentralized market, which is just a programme that associates individuals. bitsquare is nothing more than a software that connects people.
  • Exchange platforms: If you need to buy normally a lot of Bitcoin with low prices or exchange with Bitcoins you’ll certainly pick a trading platform. Traders go to an escrow website for its customers and trade both Bitcoin and Fiat-cash for their clients. Here you can offer your own requests to buy or sell Bitcoin, and the Their exchanging motor of the trades cumulates these requests and s offers from buyers and sellers and process exchanges. Regularly trades have more alternatives to exchange like margin exchanging. Generally, fess and the spread are low. In any case, the process to begin an account on trades can be complicated, requires security privacy data and needs you to trust in the trade with your cash.

Warnings about exchanges, wallets, and online banks

Regardless of the verification of personality requirements, remember trades and wallets don’t give similar security banks do.

For instance, there is frequently no or limited protection for your account if the exchange leaves the business or is stolen by hackers, for example, what was happening with Mt Gox.

Bitcoin does not have lawful status as a money in the greater part of the world, and specialists normally don’t know how best to approach robberies. Some bigger trades have replaced client money after a stealing from the trade itself, yet at this platform, they are not lawfully obliged to do as such.

How to buy Bitcoin in your country?

Worldwide: Nearly everywhere on the planet, you have to use localbitcoins, BitSquare, coinmama or a local Bitcoins ATM.  it deserves to look for more options available in your country.

Buy bitcoin North America

Buy bitcoin in USA

  • direct Exchanges: With Coinbase and Kraken two popular platforms offer a simple method to buy Bitcoins with low charges and spread on online-wallet. The two platforms accept both bank transfers and Mastercards. Indacoin is another platform for the direct trade, yet without an integrated wallet. A next choice, Expresscoin, empowers the buying of Bitcoins with money by Billpay.
  • P2P-Markets: Beside LocalBitcoins and Bitsquare, Bitquick and Paxful and Coinmama are P2P-markets accessible for clients in the US. On Bitquick you pay by keeping leaving money on the bank of the merchant, on Paxful the vendor can pick whatever payment way he needs, including PayPal, Western Union, credit and platinum cards, gift cards and significantly more. While costs on Paxful are generally very high, Bitquick charges an fees of 2 percent.
  • Exchanges: If you need to buy Bitcoins with Dollar on a trade, you have a few platforms to pick. The greatest exchanges are Bitstamp; Coinbase’s GDAX and Bitfinex,, Coinmama BTC-E, Kraken, and Gemini. While most trades entirely accept bank transfers, BTC-E offers too the supporting of an account with Credit Cards and payments vendors like PerfectMoney, Paysafecards and the sky is the limit from there.

Buy Bitcoin in Canda

  • Direct: Both Kraken and Coinbase are open for Canadian Customers who can buy Bitcoins with bank exchange or Mastercard and store them on the platforms online wallet. Additionally, Indacoin is accessible for Canadian clients. More particular for Canadians, nonetheless, are QuickBT and, platforms where you can simply buy Bitcoins for up top 150 Canadian Dollar with a few methods for payments like INTERAC® Online and Flexepin Coupons. additionally offers the choice to pay with cash in person or deposit.
  • P2P: Customers of Canada can use worldwide P2P markets like Paxful and LocalBitcoins to buy Bitcoins on P2P-markets.
  • Exchanges: Several trades empower the exchange with Canadian Dollars. Kraken, QuadrigaCX, and CoinSquare are the most unmistakable cases.

Buy Bitcoin Center and South America

Other than North America, Middle, and South America simply found Bitcoins a few years ago, for the most part in 2014/2015. Most exchanges are generally new, and because of the lower volume and little liquidity, buyers need to pay more in fees and for the spread.

A few exchanges are available in a few countries of South and Middle America: Satoshi Tango is an immediate seller for Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, and Peru; offers benefits in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, and Uruguay.

The P2P-markets localbitcoins is accessible in many countries in Latin America.

Buy Bitcoin In Mexico

  • Gift cards: With the application of you can buy Bitcoin gift cards at in more than of 5.000 shops.
  • direct: enables individuals to buy Bitcoin with MXN by bank exchanges or saving money at OXXO, 7-Eleven, Banamex branches and ATM.
  • Exchanges: is a trade for Mexico. Charges are quickly diminishing with exchange volume to as low as 0,1 percent; the spread is generally little.

Buy Bitcoin In Brazil

  • Direct: People of Brazil can purchase Bitcoins specifically at, a specialist calling himself the greatest Bitcoin trade in Latin America.
  • Exchanges: One noteworthy trade for Bitcoin in Brazil is FlowBTC. Here individuals can purchase or offer Bitcoins. Stores can be made with Ban exchanges. A second significant trade is

Buying Bitcoin In Argentina

  • Direct: Ripio is a Wallet-App that enables the clients to buy Bitcoins. Its uncommon component is that it empowers the securing of Bitcoins using a loan and fills in as an installment portal to pay with Bitcoin.

Buy Bitcoin In Venezuela

  • Exchange: With SurBitcoin Venezuela has its own Bitcoin trade.

Buy Bitcoin In Chile

  • Exchanges: Chile has its own Bitcoin trade SurBTC, which hit the worldwide news when it got subsidizing from the Chilean government. Individuals can purchase or offer Bitcoins here and stores in Chilean peso can be made with nearby bank exchanges.

Buy Bitcoin in Europe

  • ATM: The site records many Bitcoin ATM in Europe.
  • Direct: Due to the vague condition of control in the Eurozone there are twelve of direct trades to purchase Bitcoin which offer a substantial assortment of installment channels. The vast majority of this agent accuse their clients of charges relying upon the installment channel of 0,5-5 percent and acquire by the spread. Examples in sequential order arrange:

Any coin-direct(SEPA, Sofort, Giropay, Ideal, MyBank, TrustPay), BitIT (Neosurf Prepaid Voucher, not accessible in each nation), BitPanda (SEPA, Sofort, Skrill, Credit Card, Neteller, PayPal), BTCDirekt (SEPA, Sofort, Credit Card, Giropay, Neteller), Coinify (SEPA, Credit Card, PayPal), CoinMate (Sofort, SEPA, Money Polo), HappyCoins (Sofort, Ideal, Mister Cash, SEPA, Giropay, MyBank), Indacoin (Credit Card), Spectrocoin (Sofort, Giropay, IDeal, Perfect Money, SEPA).

While the platforms above simply offer Bitcoin and offer no or no progressed online wallet, Coinbase and Circle online wallet with the alternative to buy Bitcoin with bank exchange or credit card are accessible in most European countries.

  • P2P-Markets: LocalBitcoins is accessible for each nation of the Eurozone aside from Germany. is a P2P-Marketplace for the entire Euro-Zone where individuals can purchase and offer Bitcoins with SEPA exchanges. With 0,5 percent and a low spread, is likely the least expensive strategy to purchase Bitcoins aside from the trades.
  • Exchanges: Several trades serve the Eurozone. Kraken is the main trade, trailed by Bitstamp and BTC-E. All trades request full KYC.

Eurozone (specific)

Buy Bitcoin In Austria

Austrian citizens can buy Bitcoins with gift cards from that are sold in a lot of popular shops. This is easy, but the generally costly way to buy Bitcoins.

Buy Bitcoin In Germany

For Germans, the Fidor-Bank is a decent beginning to buy Bitcoins. These online-bank partners with and Kraken, making the exchanging on these platforms essentially quicker and more easily. On clients of Fidor can quickly finish full KYC status and use the so-called ExpressTrade. This empowers them to buy a large number of Bitcoins at generally low costs just minutes after the main contact with the platform.

Buy Bitcoin In Spain

In Spain, you can without much of a stretch buy Bitcoins at a great many ATMs with and

Europe (not Euro)

In almost every European country localbitcoins is accessible. Because of the great money trade between nearby local currencies and Euro various individuals in European countries use the enormous European platforms (Kraken, to buy Bitcoins. Since high fees and a major spread on little trades can include a huge premium the value, usually less expensive to change the nearby cash into Euro and utilize the Euro-stages which for the most part accept from entire Europe.

A simple way is to pay with Mastercard if it is accepted. Your Visa supplier acquires on the money trade spread and fees, yet you can buy Bitcoins quick and serenely.

Buy Bitcoin In UK

Direct: Coinbase is likewise accessible for UK subject to buy Bitcoins with bank exchanges and Visas. Numerous individuals from the UK use, which offers close to bank exchanges and credit cards UK-particular payments choices like Paym or Barclays Pingit. The charges, in any case, can be, depending on the payments alternative, very large. Another specialist who offers an immediate trade

Exchanges: The most well known Exchange in the UK is Coinfloor, trailed by Kraken and Coinbase’s GDAX.

Buy Bitcoin In Swiss

ATM: Recently the national railroad organization SBB reported that citizens of the Swiss could buy Bitcoins at each ticket machine in each rail station. Payment can be made with Cash or digital money; Mastercards are not supported individuals in the Swiss can discover Bitcoin ATM worked by on a few spots.

direct: The vendor offers the alternative way to buy Bitcoins with money and bank exchange. actualized the choice to buy Bitcoins with Franken. Most other direct trades like Coinbase, Circle et cetera support Swiss clients, however, request them to pay with Euro.

Buy Bitcoin In Poland

Exchanges: With,, and Poland has three Bitcoin trades where you can buy Bitcoins with pretty great conditions with Zloty.

Buy Bitcoin In Norway

Direct: empowers the quick buying of Bitcoins with NOK.

Exchanges: Norway has one trade, Yet, the volume is very low with the goal that buyers pay a premium.

Buy Bitcoin In Sweden

Direct: Sweden has two Bitcoin merchant where you can buy Bitcoin with SEK: and

Buy Bitcoin In Denmark

Direct: The main Danish trade is

Buy Bitcoin In Ukraine

ATM: With the assistance of it is conceivable to buy Bitcoins at numerous bank ATM in the entire country.

Direct: offers an immediate trade of Bitcoin for Hryvna. Another immediate trade is

Exchanges: With Ukraine has its own Bitcoin trade for Hryvna.

Buy Bitcoin In Russia

Because of the uncertain legitimate circumstance of Bitcoin in Russia, just a couple of trades and merchants exist. Numerous individuals appear to exchange with localbitcoins.

Direct: is an immediate seller of Bitcoin for Ruble. It requests the enrollment of Users with a telephone number.

Exchange: BTC-E is the real trade to exchange Rubel and Bitcoin. It works with an assortment of payment to allow the deposit of money.

Buy bitcoin in Asia

Asia is the quickest developing business sector for Bitcoins. In China, Japan, and South-Korea there is a clear exchange with Bitcoins on trades, while Arabian countries like the Emirates are pretty much-supporting bitcoin. In this countries, best changes are to discover an ATM or merchants on LocalBitcons.

Buy Bitcoin In China

Exchanges: China has the most fluid Bitcoin trade scene on the planet. With Huobi, OKCoin and BTC China, you discover the trades with by a long shot the greatest volume. These trades charge zero fees, and subsequently, the spread is too low. Adjacent to them is numerous further trades.

Buy Bitcoin In Japan

Direct: The most mainstream direct trade agent for Yen is The intermediary offers a wide apparition of check degrees – from E-Mail full KYC – and charges low fees.

Exchanges: With Quoine, Coincheck, and Kraken three trades serve the Japanese market. While they can’t rival Chinese trades in regards to liquidity, they give a decent support of efficiently buy Bitcoins.

Buy Bitcoin In Thailand

Direct: A Bitcoin-Broker for Thailand is Another merchant,, includes an agreeable online wallet.

Exchanges: With Thailand has its own Bitcoin trade.

Buy Bitcoin In Korea

Direct and ATM: offers a variety of platforms to Buy and sell Bitcoins. They give two one of a kind ATM in Seoul, empower the buy of Bitcoin in a huge number of ATMs in the country by banding together with an ATM maker and provide the choice to buy Bitcoins with a few gift cards.

Exchanges: With South Korea has a very much created trade that offers the exchanging with Bitcoin as well as wallets for all gadgets and a settlement benefit. Likewise, has a trade.

Buy Bitcoin In India

Direct: A deliver to buy, sell, save and send Bitcoin is, Indias greatest Bitcoin-provider. Pretty much similar offers, another huge platfrom for Bitcoins in India. Like each trade in India, those two platforms require in personality confirmation.

Exchanges: is both an online-wallet as a trade.

Buy Bitcoin In Philippines

The Philippines have a lot of platforms where you can buy Bitcoins.

Gift cards: On you can use gift cards you can buy in a few areas in the Philippines.

Direct: is one provider for Bitcoins, coins.Ph another. support a wide phantom of payment channels like banks transfers, online exchanges and vouchers accessible across the nation in stores.

Exchanges: With and the Philippines have two Bitcoin trades platforms.

Buy Bitcoin In Turkey

While Bitcoin isn’t organized in Turkey, after the failed coup and the expanding limitations by the governments there is by all accounts a developing weight on Bitcoin organizations.

Gift cards: With you can purchase the voucher that is redeemable for Bitcoins on the web.

Direct: is where you can simpley buy Bitcoin and Litecoin with Lira.

Exchanges: is Turkey’s first Bitcoin trade platform. Here you can buy and sell Bitcoins. As of late BTCTurk experienced difficulty with its bank account balance, and there have been bits of gossip it needs to close down. In any case, at this point despite everything, it is by all accounts working.

Buy bitcoin in Middle East

Buy Bitcoin In Israel

Direct: Bits of Gold is the most established Bitcoin platform in Israel. Here you can easlly buyand sell Bitcoins.

Exchanges: Bit2C is Israel’s major Bitcoin trade and coinmama .

Other: Citizens of the United Arab Emirates can use to buy Bitcoins specifically; in Kuwait you can buy Bitcoins on; in Vietnam you locate the Broker and the trade; in Malaysia and give an online wallet and a simple way to buy and offer Bitcoins, while is a wallet with the choice to buy and offer for Malaysia and Singapur and offers a trade for Malaysia and Indonesia. In Indonesia, you can likewise buy Bitcoins at Native of Taiwan can utilize to buy, sell and use Bitcoins.

Buy Bitcoin Oceania

Buy Bitcoin In Australia

Direct: Australia has a few direct Bitcoin sellers: underpins Poli-Payments, support cash deposits in banks, bolsters both payment ways, too in addition to Flexepin coupons, and empowers the securing of Bitcoin by keeping money at booths. advances itself as a seller as well as a wallet to use Bitcoins.

Exchanges: With and Australia has two Exchanges.

Buy Bitcoin In New Zealand

Direct: At you can purchase Bitcoins with online bank exchanges, at with bank stores. Greater payments alternatives offer where you can pay with bank exchanges as well as with money stores at ATMs and tellers likewise with PayPal. offers a wallet and the alternative to put frequently in Bitcoins with digital bank exchanges.

Exchanges: New Zealand has two Bitcoin trades. On the spread is generally huge, while you’ll discover better costs at,

Buy Bitcoin in Africa

The african wolrd compared with the rest of the world needs Bitcoin support and has just a couple of case of that no Exchanges exist, it’s a smart idea in many countries to seek LocalBitcoins to locate a nearby seller.

Buy Bitcoin In South Africa

South Africa has two Bitcoin trades: Bit-X and (Ice Cube).

Buy Bitcoin In Nigeria

In Nigeria, you can likewise exchange Bitcoins on Bit-X. Additionally, you can use to buy Bitcoins with bank exchanges and to buy coins with credit cards or paga.

Buy Bitcoin In Tanzania

In Tanzania, you can use to purchase Bitcoins with bank exchanges.

Buy Bitcoin In Uganda allows citizens of Uganda to buy Bitcoins with MTN or Airtel Money.

Purchase Bitcoin In Zimbabwe appears to serve Zimbabwe, yet costs are appeared in Dollar.


Purchasing bitcoins isn’t generally as simple as newcomers anticipate. The uplifting news is the quantity of choices is expanding, and it is getting less demanding constantly.

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