Best Bitcoin Cards – all you need to know
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Best Bitcoin Cards – all you need to know

Best Bitcoin Cards are so exited for using 

1- Spectrocoin

spectrocoin starts 2013 in London, anyone can buy and sell bitcoin on Spectrocoin , it also allows to get a physical or virtual debit cards.

You can recieve bitcoin payments at spectrocoin merchant service, there are alot of claims about Spectrocoin around the web but it still ligit in much more opinions

2- Cryptopay

Cryptopay allows free delivering VISA Debit cards around the world, which you can use online or at Atms.

it is easy to use, and limits is high, supported for three major currencies (USD, EUR, GBP)

cons: not supported US citizens

high Fees

Best Bitcoin Cards are unique make it real


UQUID provides The all-in-one solution offered by Uquid enables bitcoin and altcoin payments with just one click.

through plastic cards and Virtual cards, Give connect to millions of online and offline stores.

Low Fees and supporting of 3 major fiat currencies (USD, EUR, GBP)

Monthly fee is 1%

deliver around the world ecxept Alegria, India, United states


4- Wirex

Wirex provides VISA & Master cards, company have good reputation, high speed, average pricing plans.

supporting of 3 major fiat currencies (USD, EUR, GBP)

payment methods : fiat currencies, paypal,bank transfer

contain beginners toturials, easy to use.

cons US residents not avaliable.


5- Wagecan

Wagecan founded 2014, it services is bitcoin prepaid cards covered 92 countries around the world, Very trusted compay located in USA , Eroupe , Hongkong.


not easy to use for beginners, high costs


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